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Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We know what it's like to receive great service and understand how important it is - especially when it involves something as crucial as the technology that keeps your business performing and productive.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee has two components, to help us ensure we provide:

  • Excellent service: are friendly, turn up on-time, go about our work promptly, do what we say we will; and
  • High quality work: being great at what we do.

We are very confident we consistently deliver both excellent service and high quality work when we provide IT services to small businesses, and to back that claim up we have a Satisfaction Guarantee.  Here's how it works:

  • If we don't start a job when we promised to do so (As agreed with you, our customer in writing) 100% of the time we spent on that support job that day is FREE;
  • If we don't turn up on-time and there were no reasonable transport issues involved, 100% of the time we spent on that support job that day is FREE
  • If you're not totally happy with the quality of the job we completed, just let us know and we will provide up to a 100% discount on that job.

If we do let you down at all, this is a simple way we can show you we care about customer service and reminds us to provide you the best service and technical quality at all times.

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