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Web Design:
We create beautiful, functional, fast and intuative web sites.
We work with our clients to build the functionality and design that best suits their market.
All web sites are optimised so that Internet Search Engines can index them and they can be found by potential customers.

Web Hosting:
We can register domain names and rent hosting space on behalf of our clients, or work with those services already purchased.
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Cloud Computing:
Once businesses employ more than a couple of people who use computers in their work, it makes sense that they have some way to share documents, see each other's calendars and work collaboratively.
Traditionally this would have meant installing mail and file servers and buying software. The costs may have been prohibitive for many small to medium sized businesses.
Using servers and software installed on the Internet is now within the reach of even the smallest enterprise.
We are experts at setting up these systems and can provide training in how to get the best out of them.
Google Apps for Business is at the core of our offering, though we have other tools available to meet the needs of business today and into the future..
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